#Photo challenge day 61

This picture is only about an hour old! We went out for a drive and I was keen for a swim but it got really windy and I didn’t want to put anymore than my feet in the water. Still it was very nice 🙂 Taken at Bayview in Napier. Your turtle.

#Photo challenge day46

Finally catching up on today, yay! I’m still super tired tho! I went for a really long walk today and got some good pictures but really cant be bothered to upload them now, so you’ll have to wait a bit, sorry! Your turtle.

Beach Week 4th day

Wow I’m already half way through beach week! Sometimes it’s insane how fast time flies and than again minutes can feel like days. For me at the moment it’s flying really fast but somehow it doesn’t that drives me nuts…I’m patiently waiting to get on the plane on the other hand I’m considering what needs … More Beach Week 4th day