#Photo challenge day46

Finally catching up on today, yay! I’m still super tired tho! I went for a really long walk today and got some good pictures but really cant be bothered to upload them now, so you’ll have to wait a bit, sorry! Your turtle. Advertisements

Travel 1,2,3 go!

This post should mainly sum up this year’s travel plans. So all of you know what to expect. Although I got a couple things planned I’m seriously hoping to also do some unexpected not too planned trips because they always got high potential to turn out great! 🙂 so first of all a desperately long … More Travel 1,2,3 go!

Photo challenge #day8

The following photograph wasn’t taken by me since I’m in the picture that would’ve been rather hard to accomplish! It shows me enjoying life on a lovely beach doing jump shots. If you’ve never done jump shots before I highly recommend doing so..it just makes happy!! You can do all sorts of jumps and you … More Photo challenge #day8

Photo challenge #day6

It’s another day in rainy paradise today with absolutely no chance of taking an acceptable looking shot…unless you like rain rain rain and grey skies…so it’s an older picture today I made back in New Zealand Doesn’t that look a lot better?? Not like what I see outside my window unfortunately..anyway this was taken on … More Photo challenge #day6

Photo challenge #day5

Wednesday – weaknessday! And uni day..yay..so many “ays”.. I’m hitting photo challenge day 5 so I had a look around my university building if there were any nice interesting spots I had never noticed before..after a while I stopped..disappointed, it all seemed so casual and very very boring..I decided to go inside and top up … More Photo challenge #day5