New chapter

As mentioned in my photo challenge post, today is my last course at more courses no more lectures..yes I still have to hand in my final paper but nevertheless I count today as the end of chapter that kept me busy for after all 4 years of my life!! That’s quite a bit..ending this … More New chapter

Photo challenge #day8

The following photograph wasn’t taken by me since I’m in the picture that would’ve been rather hard to accomplish! It shows me enjoying life on a lovely beach doing jump shots. If you’ve never done jump shots before I highly recommend doing just makes happy!! You can do all sorts of jumps and you … More Photo challenge #day8

On minority languages

For those of you who don’t know, I’m enrolled in linguistic, cultural and translation studies, so I’m kind of into that sort of stuff. My wednesday seminar is all about European regional languages with a professor whose specialty is definitely the Irish language. Yesterday we heard more about the situation in Ireland andย  how they … More On minority languages

Photo challenge #day5

Wednesday – weaknessday! And uni many “ays”.. I’m hitting photo challenge day 5 so I had a look around my university building if there were any nice interesting spots I had never noticed before..after a while I stopped..disappointed, it all seemed so casual and very very boring..I decided to go inside and top up … More Photo challenge #day5