#Photo challenge day 72

So today we made it to Wellington after an 4 hour drive. We are staying right in the heart of the city and so far it’s pretty mean 🙂 we found a sweet little food court where we had dinner. Off for some more exploring tomorrow 🙂 your turtle. Advertisements


I created those yummy and quick to prepare burgers. They make a super quick lunch and taste yummo 🙂 great choice for all those bacon lovers out there! All you need is (for 2 burgers): 2 breadrolls (choose your favorite, mine are the cheesy ones) 12 bacon rashers 2 large eggs 2 slices of cheese … More Bacon-Heaven-Burger

Courgette Soup

This is a great soup you can make super easy and fast! I found the recipe in a new cookbook I just recently bought. It’s from Leon’s in London. I can recommend it as a quick appetizer, we had the hot version but apparently you can also have it as a cold soup in summer! … More Courgette Soup

Penne Boscaiola

How about some rich Italian pasta this weekend? This dish is not for those currently on a diet but it’s definitely worth the little sin! I found this recipe in a book called Meals in Minutes (I’m not entirely sure but I think it’s from Australia and it’s pretty old). I’m a pasta lover and … More Penne Boscaiola