#Photo challenge day 89

It was a special day today so we set out to see a new place and ended up at Rainbow Falls in Kerikeri. I didn’t really know anything about it before we got there and I was quite surprised how big it is. What a beauty, and just around the corner 🙂 your turtle.

#Photo challenge day 74

Today we moved on to a nice town called Wanganui. In the afternoon we went for a stroll around town and there are some really cool and especially old buildings dating back to the 19th century! This is Wanganui’s cinema. Your turtle.

#Photo challenge day 35

Green, green, green..oooh so green! I found this beautiful little gem of nature in New Plymouth /New Zealand. That town’s got a fabulous park which I really recommend going to. It’s a great place to kick back and relax 🙂 8 more days till heading back to New Zealand, I’m so excited! Your turtle.

It’s our time

This is supposedly the last unnecessary investment I’ve made. Though I think it’ll help me achieve my goals in the long run! There’s a good 2.5 years ahead of me meant for saving up as much as possible. I will however spend some money on short trips, experiences and surely souvenirs for the family.. and … More It’s our time

Beach Week 3rd day

Here comes the next one featuring Auckland`s Piha beach! Great surfing spot in a very remote area   🙂 Picture was taken at sunset! Had a great afternoon there watching the sun go down with some fish and chips..what more could you ask for? Your turtle.

Photo challenge #day21

I like the tranquility of this scene..it feels like untouched nature yet it’s what you get to see driving by in a car.. I love the lush green of the mountains with the snowy bits popping out the back 🙂 the picture was taken on the south island of New Zealand! Your turtle.