Itchy Feet

Since I was young, I felt the urge to get out and see new places. This desire never weakened. Even though I’m home-based in Germany I spend a nearly ridiculous amount of time in New Zealand thanks to my long-distance relationship.IMG_20140710_134908 I’m planning to finally get a move on, pack my bags and leave. I’m going to finance my travels working as a freelance translator which makes me location-independant. I’m simply not too happy being stuck in one place for too long; I want to DISCOVER and make memories. Until I’m ready to go, I’m hoping to go on some smaller trips around Europe this year. My itchy feet just never stop itching ! However while I’m home I’ll keep you updated with travel pics of trips I’ve been on. Try to broaden your horizon, folks, and what better way is there than travelling new places and plunging into different cultures? For me it’s all about being open-minded, if you feel the same, come and follow my journey.

Don’t dream your life, but live your dream.


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