I’m very sorry to say this but for personal reasons I’ll have to stop both the A to Z Challenge as well as the photo challenge. At least it’s been 99 days for the photo challenge, I think that’s quite a fair number. Whenever I get a bit of time I’ll resume posting. Advertisements

#Photo challenge day46

Finally catching up on today, yay! I’m still super tired tho! I went for a really long walk today and got some good pictures but really cant be bothered to upload them now, so you’ll have to wait a bit, sorry! Your turtle.

#Photo challenge day45

This one is for yesterday…one of the most exhausting days ever…arriving in Auckland at 11.30 goin thru customs and spending the rest of the day driving thru the city, we happily went to sleep at 7.30 and slept 14hours non-stop..I’m still tired! Your turtle.

On minority languages

For those of you who don’t know, I’m enrolled in linguistic, cultural and translation studies, so I’m kind of into that sort of stuff. My wednesday seminar is all about European regional languages with a professor whose specialty is definitely the Irish language. Yesterday we heard more about the situation in Ireland and  how they … More On minority languages


I created those yummy and quick to prepare burgers. They make a super quick lunch and taste yummo 🙂 great choice for all those bacon lovers out there! All you need is (for 2 burgers): 2 breadrolls (choose your favorite, mine are the cheesy ones) 12 bacon rashers 2 large eggs 2 slices of cheese … More Bacon-Heaven-Burger