A to Z: F for Fraport

Fraport is a German transport company that operates the airport in Frankfurt/ Germany. More commonly the airport itself is known as Fraport. It also manages and holds shares in other airports all around the world such as Antalya, Delhi, Lima or St. Petersburg. Fraport in Frankfurt has become an important part of my life. It’s the door to discover new places, say good bye to your loved ones and welcome them back. We’ve had sad and happy times at Fraport. Plus it seems well organized to me. If you’re able to read a sign you should be able to reach your destination and the one time my baggage got lost, the procedure seemed to be structured and my bags were delivered to my home the very next morning.


One thought on “A to Z: F for Fraport

  1. I love airports, I know it’s weird, but unless there’s a huge delay and you’re stuck there for hours, I quite enjoy wandering around them pre-flight


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