A to Z: B for Backpacking

Backpacking is my favorite way of travel. It is not for everyone, but those who enjoy it, can have a very liberating experience. It gives you a great feeling of freedom to carry everything you own or need on your back and there are no limitations on where you go, what you do, who with, by yourself in order to try and find yourself or just having a good time in a far away country looking for new experiences to broaden the horizon. If you can imagine yourself and a backpack I’d highly recommend giving it a try instead of your next all inclusive holiday in a fancy resort. You’ll get to see more, get a better insight into your destination and you’ll probably even save some money.


11 thoughts on “A to Z: B for Backpacking

  1. I often envy the backpackers I see here. We have one backpacker place in my town, Distant Relatives…I have never tried it but it often looks like so much fun.


  2. Couldn’t agree more! Backpacking enables you to see and experience so much more in a country… and it doesn’t have to be totally disorganised either – having a rough plan helps. 🙂


  3. Did I read you wrong or do you think that everyone who doesn’t back pack spends their vacations in resorts and all inclusives? There is a wealth of things in between. Backpacking does sound fun though.


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