#Photo challenge day43

Today we’re leaving winter and rain behind, swapping for summer, sun and beaches! Good deal I suppose 🙂


Next stop Singapore and then off to Auckland! Your turtle.


5 thoughts on “#Photo challenge day43

  1. If you have the time in Singapore, you should try some local food! It’s the Chinese New Year festival right now, so there are a lot of food and dishes specific to this festival during this period! A common favourite is pineapple tarts! (:


      1. Nice! I’d recommend heading to the heartlands (just anywhere outside of central Singapore).

        Lots of food courts (or more known as a hawker centres here) sell a variety of ethnic food (Chinese, Malay, Indian and others) which are cheap as well! You can look here http://hubpages.com/travel/Heartlands-Singapore for a summary of local delicacies to try! If I were to recommend a place, I think I’m really biased because the hawker centres I visit are usually nearer to where I live (such as Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre or Changi City Point Bagus Food Court – they’re in the east).

        The good thing is that hawker centres are all over Singapore so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one near where your accommodation will be! (:

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