Nightmare prepping

Oh well..5 days until we fly out and I’m stuck somewhere in the chaos of packing luggage, trying to remember everything and working on uni papers…meeh.. usually I’d start packing the day before I leave or sometimes the day I if my plane leaves in the evening there’s still enough time to pack during the day right?! But now..going on a “everyone else on the plane gonna hate us” trip with a toddler makes me feel like I should be somewhat more prepared than usual. I feel like there’s so much to remember and I’m not even sure what all those things could be? I’ve travelled that distance many many times before yet I feel very uncomfortable…I’ve read all kind of tips on travelling with a baby..but to be honest it’ll all come down to whether I get her to sleep or not..yay! We’re flying out at 10pm, usually she’d be sleeping by then so we’re probably having a great start with a grumpy tired baby, so looking forward to this! Wish me luck guys so no one will stab us before we reach Singapore! 🙂 your turtle.


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