New chapter

As mentioned in my photo challenge post, today is my last course at more courses no more lectures..yes I still have to hand in my final paper but nevertheless I count today as the end of chapter that kept me busy for after all 4 years of my life!! That’s quite a bit..ending this chapter means a lot more is going to open a new one! Knowing I’ll be starting a job in September is a funny feeling and bringing a new and unknown financial freedom yet a lot of restrictions as well. I’m keen to find out how I’m going to fit in this so unfamiliar world. Let’s see what’s going to happen..I’m hoping to save up as much as possible with this job to go on more new adventures 🙂 ! Your turtle.


One thought on “New chapter

  1. That’s great to hear, but remember that one’s education never ends!

    As that famous quote goes, “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”


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