It’s our time

This is supposedly the last unnecessary investment I’ve made. Though I think it’ll help me achieve my goals in the long run! There’s a good 2.5 years ahead of me meant for saving up as much as possible. I will however spend some money on short trips, experiences and surely souvenirs for the family.. and of course a little money will go out for little missy but that’s just natural as she’ll demand things when she gets older..nonetheless I’m convinced I can do this and I hope you follow me along my surely often rocky road leading to the BIG TRIP! Just saying travelling the world with a dependent, surely it’s doable, if anyone got any advice please share 🙂 I’ll be thankful forever!!

So this is my new world map! I’m still waiting for those little fancy flags so I can mark where I want to go…yes destinations will surely change multiple times before the time has come! Anyway this little beauty will be right opposite my door so every time I get into my room I’ll see it and it’ll remind me of what I want to achieve and what I’m working for, it’ll motivate me and keep me going thru times when it all seems stupid and unrealistic..I’m sure those will come but I’ll try my very best to stay focused! 🙂 your turtle.


5 thoughts on “It’s our time

  1. It’s great to have this reminder in front of you. Sticking to our long-term goals can be challenging for sure. I actually started a FB group to help me (and others) stick to them – whether long/term or short-term ones. It’s open to anyone, if you want to join (just do a FB search for The Power of Practice). It’s full of good, supportive vibes!


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