Photo challenge #day19

It is..not kidding..only 24 days until departure time!! I just checked it with my calendar and seriously those 24 days will feel like a lifetime but at the same time they’ll have passed in less than a minute considering what needs to be done before we go..thinking of my 2 papers to hand in or actually buying a piece of luggage so I could eventually start packing however everyone who knows me will know that won’t happen until the day before the flight or actually the day of the for now I’m trying to be patient like this little fella

Would be very well hidden if it wasn’t for the red ninja turtles style πŸ˜€ simultaneously to this photo challenge I’m starting BEACH WEEK today. So for 7 days the photo challenge won’t contain any beach pics however that’s what beach week is all about πŸ™‚ so check back for some sandy sunny shots! Your turtle.


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