How Walter Mitty made my day..

Last night, the Walter Mitty movie was on tv and I was keen to watch it again after having watched it a long time ago I felt like it’d be nice to do so once more. Let’s put it straight to the point I absolutely love this movie! It reflects so much my inner yearning…

I’ve heard from several people they don’t like the movie or simply don’t get the point! For everyone who hasn’t seen it ( should!), Ben Stiller who’s Walter works for a magazine and no one barely notices him, he fails to approach the love of his life because he’s too shy plus he’s not confident as he never got to do all those things he dreamed of when he was younger like backpacking thru Europe. That’s where the interesting part starts! This post may contain a little spoiler but please still watch it, this is far from being very detailed. So after realizing his job is getting flushed down the toilet any moment as the magazine changes from print to online only he’s doing what has long been overdue and jumps on the plane to find the magazine’s photographer with no plans made ahead      ( thats the way duuh).. However I wouldn’t recommend hopping in a helicopter with a drunk pilot and jumping into the freezing ocean simply because that pilot says so only to fight a hungry shark .. that’s what Walter did…that’s where it’s getting too risky ( you know movies make a lot of things look fantastically easy 😉

But for me the message behind the whole story is clear and I can fully stand behind it. I especially love the little messages that are randomnly displayed in the background thru out the entire film. To know what these messages are trying to tell that movie ! After the movie I was long awake with eyes wide open starring into the dark night wondering about what will be, what I want to do, where I want to go and how I’ll actually get to do it. It reassured me in the plans I had previously made.

So here we go: work, save, sell unneeded stuff, save more, go and see the world, make money while travelling. It’s a done deal for me 🙂 Otherwise I’ll be old and grey one day and wished I had lived my dream not dreamed my life and I  really don’t want that the happen.

So LIVE IT might end up here:


Or here:











Or here:










Or using public transport like this:


Or anywhere you wanna be! All pictures are my own.

Your turtle.


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