Photo challenge #day16

Another day has passed which gets me one day closer to hopping on the plane heading to Auckland!! Finally after such a long time including a miserable 1.5 year wait…waiting another 4 weeks seems like nothing at all since I came to the point where time no longer matters..I’ll spend about a week in Auckland before heading to Napier on the east coast in beautiful Hawke’s Bay.

This is Hawke’s Bay! It’s huge and beautiful and most of all it’s not overcrowded as you can see on the picture. You might even be lucky and get a piece of beach for yourself if you drive out of town a bit. While the beaches in Napier are very much not to my liking (no sand just stone) plus swimming isn’t allowed in most places because it’s too dangerous I prefer those out towntown! They got sand, are quiet but you should still check whether swimming is allowed or not. However if you are in Napier and looking for a quick swim you can always hop in the harbor up in Ahuriri..yes right you will surely find a good spot by simply following the local kids 😉 your turtle.


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