Photo challenge #day9

Another day in paradise is coming to an end and I mostly spent in the gym. But now I want to say a little more about today’s picture!


I took this picture last year august while having a super exciting day at a medieval festival that comes to my home town every year. Unfortunately they had been very unlucky with the weather in recent years so I never got to go..however I felt adventurous this time and got us some cheap tickets in advance..and what a day we had! As you can see weather had been great even getting too hot..most people at the festival were dressed up in medieval clothes and not only the salesmen but also loads of the visitors! It’s a great opportunity to taste some fancy food, listen to some rather unusual music and learn something new about this long passed time. All the shops offer you plenty options to spend all your savings!! I got myself a new watch (I know, not very medieval) and a awesome hair tie with red dread locks dangling down, I’m still in love with it! The rest was spent on food and beverages. The above picture shows one of the shops cars who offered milk and chocolate drinks and I thought that car was pretty insane since there’s a pink cow standing on it! Your turtle.


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