On minority languages

For those of you who don’t know, I’m enrolled in linguistic, cultural and translation studies, so I’m kind of into that sort of stuff. My wednesday seminar is all about European regional languages with a professor whose specialty is definitely the Irish language. Yesterday we heard more about the situation in Ireland and  how they struggle not to be overwhelmed by English. Guys it is just so important. If you’re a native of a regional language, live it up!!! More and more languages become extinct every day. If we do not take action and simply don’t care…one day our children will wake up to an all-english world. How sad would that be? Never having that feeling of hearing a foreign language wondering what they could have possibly said..or not having the chance to learn another tongue, speaking a language gives you so much more than simply knowing the words! It makes you understand the culture and actions of individuals. I’m not saying to not learn English, of course this is important and will eventually help you find a job, have a career etc..but if you do have another native tongue like the Irish why not teaching it to the next generation? There are many many projects that fail more or less to rescue specific minority languages but last night we were introduced to “Lurgan”. It’s a project from an Irish college. They really do bring their language back to life by performing modern top hits in Irish!! It is so awesome and actually reaches out to the younger generation which is so important. I really admire what they have achieved so I’m just trying to spread their message a little further so a couple more people will know about it! Read about it here!

All you minority language speakers out there..do you care if your language lives or dies? If you do, do something about it! Maybe someone with influence reads this and is inspired to set up a project of their own 🙂 Enjoy the video! Your turtle.


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