Photo challenge #day5

Wednesday – weaknessday! And uni many “ays”.. I’m hitting photo challenge day 5 so I had a look around my university building if there were any nice interesting spots I had never noticed before..after a while I stopped..disappointed, it all seemed so casual and very very boring..I decided to go inside and top up my library card (still feeling motivated to borrow some books!) On my way back outside I snapped a few shots and indeed I happened to like one! There’s nothing really special about it but for me it is still meaningful..


It shows our entrance / exit of the main building that was used by the French during the world war. Showing one door being shut and one standing open. It really isn’t special but it just felt to me I should make sure to always keep going and just try harder to achieve whatever your goal is because if one door closes there’ll always be another one opening up giving you opportunities you probably never expected!! 🙂 Your turtle.


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