Have you ever wondered…

…what life would be like if you actually lived your dreams? Is there true satisfaction from a routine 9-5 day job letting you wait desperately for an approx. 3 week paid holiday per year…I guess it can be true if you’re passionate for your work and truly enjoy what you’re doing instead of watching the clock tick. Though I’d say this is not valid for most “office” jobs..

When I look around I see people that graduated from high school with me, they went to university and got their degree and now most of them are exactly in this average 9-5 office job..okay they probably have an acceptable above-average pay, but what’s the money for if you hardly have time to spend it or waste it on overprized gadgets or even ridiculously high rents for a couple of square meters. While having a well-paid job doesn’t sound too bad, I still wonder if that’s what life really is about. Yes, we’ll hardly ever get the ultimate answer to that question because probably THE ONE answer doesn’t even exist as every single person is different and likely to strive for different goals in life. But from my point of view I can honestly say I do not want to sit in an office working for others for the next 40 years or so..this sounds very depressing to me..

I decided for myself to find my passion and try my best to pursue my goals. I think everyone should do that, it won’t hurt anyone to overthink their current situation. So for me it’s travelling but you might find your luck in different things, may be as a poem writer, professional horse rider or with an unexpected career change becoming a pilote..hey why not? There’s no reason for being shy, noone will predict the future for you, so what you’re planning to do might just be the right thing 😉

I’m doing this because I don’t want to be a victim of that “What if..” question…I want to avoid sitting somewhere in an old chair in 30-40 years mourning what could have been if I only tried.. Cheers 🙂

Find your own path
Find your own path



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