Rhine Falls in Switzerland

I absolutely love day trips and our visit to the Rhine Falls was a pretty great one. Last year we stayed close to the Swiss border for a couple of days to attend my cousin’s wedding. It was amazing, I must say it was the first wedding I’ve ever been to so it was all pretty exciting for me. We celebrated her special day on a ridiculously hot summer day, seriously everyone was just about to melt…and we had so much food..starting with a cake, dinner, cake oh and not to forget more cake.. The next day we decided to take a little trip to the Rhine Falls in Switzerland. I had never been there before and it wasn’t too far so why shouldn’t we go for it? We hopped in the car, crossed the border and after a short drive we already arrived. The harder part now was to find a free parking, the weather was beautiful and obviously many more people had the same idea to go there that day. However after a little searching we were lucky enough to find a free spot. We walked back through the forest along the river. It was nice and shady walking under the trees.

IMG_20140608_223850Then we reached the actual Rhine Falls. We went into the shops first and got a couple of souvenirs to take back home. Afterwards we all agreed that we wanted to go on a boat tour. I love boat tours. The queues to get tickets were super long but once again we were really lucky because we went down a wrong walkway and ended up in a restricted area where we met a very friendly man. It turned out he worked for the company organizing the boat tours. We talked a little, he got up, asked how many tickets we needed, we paid and had our tickets. He even guided us to the next boat that was just about to depart and we were ready to go without ever having to wait in a queue. As you see sometimes the wrong way isn’t that wrong after all!IMG_20140611_223320

DSC06073Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to do some of the other attractions like going up on the platform. If I ever get the chance to go back there, I’ll definitely do this too. The Rhine Falls are definitely worth to be on your bucketlist.


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