How it all started…

Auckland Sky Tower

A few years back I got tired of just sitting at home. I wanted to get out and experience something different. For that reason it had to be something extreme.. I didn’t just want to have a look around the corner so after a little research I decided to go to the probably most far away place possible: New Zealand! At least from where I was, it was pretty much on the other side of the world.

It felt like a lifetime waiting for departure day but as organized as I was I managed to pack my bag the day before I left. It didn’t bring me any disadvantages though because I ended up buying everything  I needed in NZ anyway. Everything was so cool, new and interesting to me  I just had to get it.  I stayed with a great family for a little less than 3 months and it was one of the most amazing experiences I ever made. To all of you out there, I highly recommend trying different ways of accommodation whenever you’re on the go, not just normal hotels. Homestays are the perfect way to get to know new people and other cultures.

City of Sails, Auckland CBD

Most of my time back then I stayed in Auckland and met a bunch of crazy cool people. I simply had a great time. Unfortunately I didn’t take as many pictures as I wish I did, but no time for regrets.DSC00704One of my favorite places in Auckland is Piha Beach! It’s a stunning beach on Auckland’s west coast in the Waitakere Ranges. My hostfamily took me there and it was just great. The waves are quite dangerous but there’s a rock called Lion’s Rock that you can climb up and that’ll give you a breathtaking view over the whole area.

Piha Beach Sunset


All in all I have to say this country absolutely overwhelmed me (in a positive way) and I never stopped going back. I’ve been there so many times people just say: See you next time. Instead of a heartbreaking good-bye, because they know it won’t be too long until I come back. It feels more like I’m going on a long holiday when I leave from there instead of going back home…I found home away from home!


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